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Ms. Karishma Patel, B.Sc., Hons., C.R.S. – Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist:

Ms. Karishma Patel has 2 years of relevant work-related experience in vocational rehabilitation and assessment working with casualty and group life & health insurers; lawyers; employers and injured clientele.  Ms. Patel has worked closely with the following types of clientele in both a volunteer and professional basis; the developmentally delayed, individuals with cognitive disabilities, individuals with physical disabilities and/or impairments. 

Furthermore, Ms. Patel is the NRVMS Inc. Social Media Consultant and Lead Specialist in the Company’s Social Media Marketing Development. Ms. Patel's focus has included the analysis and creation of consumer driven content for the NRVMS Inc. website; the development of the Company Blog, Social Media Content; and On-Line Advertising.

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