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Ms. Cheyenne Remedios-Wagner, PhD (Purely Happy Dog) is the youngest member of the NRVMS Inc. Team (I'm 9!) and the only Vice President. Thus, she finds her role in the company both rewarding and challenging.



Cheyenne's dad, Mr. Denys Remedios, offered to take her to work with him. Cheyenne thought it would be a great opportunity, only she didn't realize she would be viewed as dad's "pet" and that her duties would be restricted to performing tricks and lying around.



After spending some time with the team she realized they work really hard writing reports, dealing with correspondence and keeping their clients happy. So she decided to ensure that the team gets their regular exercise by walking and sometimes running after her when she initiates a spontaneous game of hide and seek (it's always so much fun).



Since being with the company Ms. Cheyenne has fostered an environment of sharing (particularly when the team shares their lunches and snacks with me; that's my favourite part of the day!) and her infectious happiness brings a smile to others.

New Realm Vocational & Management Services Inc.

120 Eglinton Avenue East, 5th Floor

Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E2


t: 416.322.2936    |    f: 416.322.2932

toll free: 1.844.744.4387

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